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Attention to Distance Education in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Ministry of Education

Distance education in Ethiopia has been in existence for decades. Earlier, distance learning programs were typically in the form of correspondence, requiring learners to read study materials, complete assignments and tests, submit assignments and tests via postal mail, and await results; stated July 25, 2013 published Distance Learning – Global Trends and Options.

Today’s distance learning options are more often available via the Internet, making them much more flexible, convenient, and timely for learners worldwide, wherever Internet access is available. As its name suggests, distance learning is an activity that takes place outside of the traditional classroom in an informal setting, typically in the learner’s own home, and in a less structured format. Distance learners do all their reading, studying, completing assignments, taking tests, and submit their works to the related school.

Lately, Mohammed Abubeker, Director of Non Formal and Adult Education Directorate at the Ministry of Education (MoE), said that although distance, evening and other continuing educations are part of regular nation’s education programs, they are called irregular education.

Particularly, due to citizens’ work nature, distance education is given with the exclusion of regular school settings. Students could not attend lessons like evening and regular program sessions. Mohammed further said that current working procedure of non-formal education could not realize accessibility and quality of the education. It has multifaceted problems particularly distance education’s lack of quality weights much.

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